Indianapolis Fashion Alum Designs Swimsuits for Colts’ Cheerleader Calendar

By: Lacey Beckstead Filed under: Fashion

June 6, 2017

When the creators of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders’ calendar decided to switch up the look of the 2018 calendar, they looked to local designers for sporty and athletic suit options.

Tendai Mazorodze, who in 2015 earned a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Indianapolis, had the right vision for the team. Mazorodze created six designs for the shoot, which took place May 8-15, 2017 in the Dominican Republic. The calendar is expected to be released at the end of July 2017.

As inspiration, Tendai loves tapping into other people’s cultures, to mix it with her own and put her spin on it. “Everyone‘s experience and opinions are different. I am always open to listening and understanding. Every time I do, I learn something new, something interesting, something that inspires me.”

Mazorodze wasn’t at the shoot but she did do all the fittings. “I was as excited as the girls were to see my swimsuits next to other people’s designs. This was my first time designing swimsuits so I was super excited to see them on. Just that experience alone was like a dream. Every time I think about it I get a euphoric feeling.”

Colts Cheerleader Abby getting ready for shot

“I think the best part so far was finding out that Danielle and Kelly had picked out all of my designs. I was not expecting that at all. It was a surreal feeling just knowing someone who has been around so many swimsuits recognized my potential.

Alexis on the beach for the Colts cheerleader calendar shoot

Close-up of Abby for the Colts Calendar

Yuka getting ready for the calendar shoot

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By: Lacey Beckstead Filed under: Fashion

June 6, 2017