The Art Institute of Portland Grad Featured in “Willamette Week”

By: Brandi Madar

July 28, 2016

Alexander Wright, who in 2012 earned an Associate of Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Portland, was recently featured in Willamette Week regarding his inspirational background and successful career.

Alexander grew up in an artistic household. When his grandmother would visit from New York, she'd take him to galleries and museums. Alexander hoped to become a graphic designer and had a passion for hip-hop music. He believed that the best path to achieving a career that combined his passions would be through fan art. So he reimagined album covers and portraits of his favorite artists, then posted them online in hopes that his famous subjects would see them.

While initially he didn’t catch the attention of major label artists, he decided to talk with his career adviser at The Art Institute of Portland, who suggested that he take a different grassroots approach. Alexander reached out to the local community and it was a great success—today he’s created work for many rappers—including album covers, logos, and show fliers. 

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By: Brandi Madar

July 28, 2016