Top Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Degree in Fashion

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September 4, 2018

Considering a Degree in Fashion? First Answer These 3 Questions

A fashion degree program can prepare you to enter an action-packed, fast-paced world full of beauty, creativity, and competition. But before you commit to a career in fashion, first ask yourself these three essential questions.

1. Do you prefer fashion design or the business of fashion?

Fashion designers are the ones who come up with the vision for new clothing and do the planning and construction to bring it to life. Their designs are sold to stores and brands who then offer the garments to consumers. Fashion designers might focus on a particular audience (such as children or teens) or type of clothing (for example, swimwear or couture). Whatever their speciality, fashion designers aim to align with current trends or foresee and create future trends that will appeal to their target markets.

Fashion marketing, management, and merchandising professionals do the behind-the-scenes work that drives the fashion industry. Individuals in these areas may gather consumer insights, manage retail or operations, or oversee buying, forecasting, inventory, and cost control. Through marketing, store setup, and more, they work to increase sales in-store and online. These careers require learning fashion, psychology, marketing, business, and finance.

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2. Is a fashion career right for you?

The fashion industry is a highly competitive field. To succeed, you’ll need to be one of the people who works the hardest, who has the most passion, and who is constantly refining and practicing their skills. You’ll have to put yourself out there, establish relationships and industry connections, and promote your own brand. If you’re a fashion designer, you’ll need to be bold and take risks with your style.

Fashion careers are not for the faint of heart. But if you’re up for the challenge, doing what you love and seeing the impact and reach of your work in fashion can be immensely rewarding.

3. Which fashion school fits your needs?

Knowing whether you want to work in fashion design or fashion marketing and management will help you narrow down fashion schools and degree programs. If you’re interested in fashion marketing and management, decide whether an on-campus or online program better matches your schedule and learning style.

Once you’ve picked a few fashion schools, here’s what to consider in making your final choice:

- Look for fashion programs where you can get relevant hands-on experience and participate in fashion shows or industry events.

- Find alumni stories on the school’s site to see what their alumni are doing now.

- For campus fashion programs, attend an open house or take a campus tour.

- Ask how the school and instructors will support you in building a professional portfolio and what career services they provide before and after you graduate.

- Talk with financial aid representatives about options for making your education more affordable .

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By: The Art Institutes Filed under: Fashion

September 4, 2018