Top Trends to Watch for This Spring

By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Interior Design

March 24, 2015

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Spring is officially here! If you’ve spent the winter hibernating from the cold, it’s finally time to make your re-entry into the world and see what trends are emerging as the temperatures warm up, the days get longer, and the worlds of fashion, culinary, design and media arts continue to evolve.


Expect to see these new design trends pop up this season:

  • Cobalt Blue Home Accents: This punchy blue has been a runway staple for awhile and is now working its way into the home, in the form of bright and cheery textiles and wall hangings.
  • Custom Fonts: Thanks to affordable typekits like Google Fonts, businesses are creating non-traditional fonts as a branding mechanism.
  • Unexpected Materials: Companies are taking familiar objects like tennis shoes and re-inventing them with new and unusual materials, allowing them to effectively cross boundaries.
  • Growing Emphasis on Personalization: Companies are working harder than ever to create content that proves their brands are relevant to consumer needs and interests.

Media Arts

Keep up with the latest innovations in the constantly-evolving media arts field:

  • Merging Mediums: Photographers will be turning their work into eye-catching, unique mixed media pieces.
  • Rise of Core Gaming on Mobile: Casual games have always dominated the mobile market, but that’s about to change. Developers are realizing they can charge higher prices for more intricate games that engage users for longer periods of time.
  • Monochrome Photos: Designers will use color to set the tone and communicate the meaning of the piece.
  • Slow Motion: While this technique has been available for a long time, it was always so expensive that only the elite could afford it. However, new cost-effective options like the ability of the iPhone 6 to shoot 240 fps, is making this poetic feature an option for everyone.


Give your spring wardrobe a makeover by incorporating the following four styles:

  • Shirtdresses: This once boxy and tame style has been remade into one of the season’s hottest trends, with major makeovers such as double high slits, drop waists and more.
  • Gingham Prints: Once solely reserved for picnic tablecloths, this checkered pattern has officially hit the streets and can be seen in all types of pieces from dresses to trenches.
  • Fringe: Everything from skirts, to caftans, to tank tops has fringe dangling from it this spring.
  • Overalls: They’re back! Overalls were hot in the late 1990’s and they’ve officially made their comeback in the form of both long pants and shorts.


Spring will bring some exciting new changes to the restaurant scene, including:

  • Savory Desserts: The sweetest course of the meal will be getting a savory makeover, with the addition of deliciously salty ingredients like bacon.
  • Batch Cocktails: Bartenders are taking punch bowl style drinks mainstream. This new concept takes it up a notch by adding top-of-the-line liquor and creating all kinds of fascinating concoctions.
  • Unique Restaurant Locations: Rent is getting mighty expensive in some of the country’s biggest cities, so savvy restauranteurs are choosing spots on upper floors, in basements and other unexpected settings to cut costs.
  • Prepaid Reservations: Some of the hottest restaurants are taking a stand against no-show diners and last minute cancellations by forcing patrons to pre-pay in advance for a non-cancellable reservation.

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By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Interior Design

March 24, 2015

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