Worked on Acura’s Global Motorshow Experience at North American International Auto Show

By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Interior Design

March 11, 2015

Motor Show Car Model Blueprint

Geoffrey Mye is an award-winning industrial designer—he’s particularly proud of his work for 2014 The Acura Global Motorshow Experience. "I've won multiple awards and have been published in world class books, but [the Acura project] at the 2014 North American International Auto Show is the pinnacle of my career so far. [It had] amazing iconic brand architecture and interactive experiences,” he says. 

Geoffrey also works on dealer meetings, press events, special events, consumer product launches, brand media, and interactive design. He adds that experience marketing is a challenging and exciting field because he’s responsible for creating remarkable and memorable experiences. “Also, how often do you get paid to have fun and do something you love?” Geoffrey finds inspiration in the world around him and from creative sites on the Internet. He believes that creativity cannot be forced—instead it happens when it’s ready to.

Geoffrey credits his education with providing a strong foundation for growth in the industrial design marketplace. He recommends that current students be humble and learn from those around them. “I learned a lot in my first humble design internship many years ago, as I took everything in like a sponge. It was well worth it; I continued to progress in my career from that launch point.”

Geoffrey Mye
1993, Associate of Applied Arts, Industrial Design, The Art Institute of Seattle
Creative Director, GPJ Experience Marketing

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