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Raleigh-Durham’s Heidi Nolta on The Triangle’s News at 3

By: The Art Institutes

May 16, 2016

Heidi Nolta, director of career services at The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, a campus of South University, recently appeared on The Triangle's News at 3 with Brandon Dixon. Nolta recommended five “Countdown to Success” tips for parents of recent grads, which included:

5.) Breathe: At the very least, a diploma ought to earn its recipient a chance to take a deep breath and relax. Allow your graduate a chance to clear his/her head and prepare -- body, soul and mind -- for the next big adventure: employment. A little perspective may also help to make sure your grad is not focused on not just any job, but the right job.

4.) Research: All of the effort that went into term papers and final projects should now go into studying industries and organizations of interest. This is homework not just for recent graduates, but parents, too.

Dig into everything that seems pertinent to your grad’s career goals and, importantly, talk about all this with your grad. Part of the goal here is to improve fluency in relevant industry issues and trends.

3.) Network: Parents’ circles are probably more populated than their child’s. Use ‘social capital’ to create or uncover opportunities. At the same time, bring your budding professional into the virtuous circle of networking by encouraging them to tap the resources of the college’s career counselors and to make the most of alumni associations.

2.) Rehearse: While a diploma certifies a certain level of knowledge and skill, it does not guarantee poise, grace, or executive presence.  This comes only with practice.  

 Practice for job interviews and other make-or-break social opportunities, from being able to talk smoothly about industries of interest to how to tout personal strengths without sounding boastful (this includes maintaining an up-to-date portfolio). Also, school your grad in the fine art of business protocol, including sending an e-mail thank you within 24 hours from your meeting.  .

1.) Negotiate: You’ve put in the hard work of raising them from infancy, so don’t send your grads into job negotiations like babes in the woods. Their impulse may be to take whatever they’re offered.  Tactfully asking questions about items like parking and insurance can establish your grads as particularly sharp young people worth hiring. 

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By: The Art Institutes

May 16, 2016