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Learn how to bring entire stories and worlds to life.

I’m serious about Media Arts & Animation.

Building a career in this competitive field requires true passion and your full commitment. For anyone ready to put in the work and driven by a love of giving life to objects, environments, and characters, our hands-on Media Arts & Animation degree program can prepare you with the technical and creative skills you need.

I don’t want the easy road. I’m here for a challenge.

Media Arts & Animation employers have high expectations, and so do we. Drawing on years of industry experience, our Media Arts & Animation school instructors will push you to go beyond your comfort zone as you explore and experiment with new ideas and techniques. They’ll work to help you fulfill your potential while being there to provide one-on-one support and mentorship every step of the way.

In your Media Arts & Animation classes, you’ll start by drawing by hand and exploring the fundamentals of composition, color, and design. Then, you’ll move to building skills in storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, modeling, background design, lighting, rigging, and more. From concept to creation to editing and delivery, you can learn it all while working with same kind of software and technology used by industry professionals—and while collaborating with other talented, inspiring students in your program.

I’m ready to make my career goals a reality.

From opportunities for internships in the field to assignments drawn from the real world, our Media Arts & Animation school focuses on professionalism and getting you ready for your career. In our portfolio courses, we guide you in developing and refining an industry-relevant portfolio that showcases your unique strengths to employers. Beyond the classroom, you can participate in student organizations and industry events, forming professional connections that can benefit you down the road.

After earning your Media Arts & Animation degree, you’ll be prepared for entry-level roles in modeling, motion graphics, environment design, digital effects, character animation, and more. Our Career Services team can help you find opportunities that match your career goals in industries ranging from film, tv, and gaming to medicine, law, and education. Choose a school to learn more today about our programs and simple processes for applying and enrolling.

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