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This world is no match for your imagination.

I can envision other realities. Now I want to create them.

When it comes to motion graphics and visual effects, you don’t want to settle for convincing. You want your work to be breathtaking, attention-grabbing, and immersive. This feat is no easy task. Succeeding in this career takes practice, passion, and a whole lot of hard work.

If you’re ready to apply your time and imagination to combining images, space, movement, and sounds to create effects and graphics that entertain and educate, our hands-on Visual Effects & Motion Graphics programs can teach you the technical and creative skills you need.

I’m serious about developing my skills.

In our hands-on Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program, you’ll start with studying the fundamentals of typography, color, and design. From there, you can build skills in areas like 3D design, digital compositing, advanced lighting and texture, and much more. Our program can also equip you with the knowledge in photography, graphic design, video, film, audio, and animation that’s required to excel in a visual effects and motion graphics career.

You can learn in a collaborative, production-style environment as you take projects from initial concept to final execution and delivery, utilizing professional-grade HD video technology, computer equipment, and software. Just as you’ll collaborate with other creatives in your career, you’ll often team up with the other talented students in your program, pushing yourself in new directions and arriving at unexpected solutions. At every step, our experienced Visual Effects & Motion Graphics instructors * will provide you with one-on-one support, feedback, and mentorship.

Put me on the right path, and I’ll show everyone what I can do.

Our Visual Effects and Motion Graphics programs teach professionalism, self-promotion, and communication to get you ready for your career. Our classes emphasize skills currently in-demand in the field. Our portfolio courses guide you in creating a strong portfolio and demo reel that showcases your capabilities to employers. Beyond the classroom, you can establish professional connections through a variety of student organizations and industry events.

After earning your Visual Effects & Motion Graphics degree, you’ll be prepared to take on visual effects and motion graphics roles working in feature film, corporate communication, television, video production, and other media outlets. Our Career Services team will also be here to help you find and pursue opportunities that match your specific interests and goals. Select a school to learn more about our programs and simple processes for applying and enrolling.

*Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

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