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Set &Exhibit Design

I want to set my own path.

When you watch a film, video, or TV show, you follow the plot, the script, and the actors. But your focus is on the look...the sets, the lighting, the details that establish a certain time, place, and mood. You don’t see those things as mere backdrops. To you, they’re every bit as important as the stars. And maybe you see yourself in a career where you help design and build sets for movies, theme parks, or museums—or create trade show booths, retail spaces, and educational exhibits. The place to start is our Set & Exhibit Design Design School. Here, the first thing you’ll build is a set of skills as strong as your desire to make an impact on the world. You’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively-driven students. And you’ll be taught, challenged, and pushed harder than ever before by experienced faculty* who’ll also support you every step of the way. With your hard work and our education, you can build a career where you do what you love.

I have the talent. Now I need the tools.

Our rigorous and well-rounded Set & Exhibit Design degree program is geared toward sharpening the creativity, innovation, and critical thinking you’ll need to pursue a career in entertainment or marketing. You’ll have the opportunity to build design skills and technical knowledge through coursework that includes Set Decoration, Architectural Drafting, and Scene Painting Techniques. Choose a campus below to learn more about our program offerings.

*Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.