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IndustrialDesign School

Turn your ideas into finished products.

I’m a dreamer and a doer.

Part artist, part inventor—you’re a maker, a builder, and your hands are always busy. You get a thrill from creating something that’s never existed before. You’re curious about how things work, and you’re always coming up with ideas to improve the objects you use daily.

From furniture and appliances, to children’s toys and adults’ vehicles, to movie props and theme park exhibits, our Industrial Design school can teach you how to plan, design, and manufacture items users love.

I know I can make it with the right tools.

Our Industrial Design program instructors* draw on years of industry experience as they push, challenge, and, above all else, support you in building the cutting-edge skills you’ll need as an industrial designer. You’ll start by getting your ideas on paper, mastering the basics of drafting, design, drawing, and perspective, before learning how to create 3D models and operate hand and power tools.

You’ll study the materials and processes used in manufacturing and explore how people interact with and think about objects, environments, and systems, so that you know how to design products and experiences that are both ergonomic and intuitive. Along the way, you can build communication, critical thinking, and business skills, touching on topics like product trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Eventually, you’ll put your skills to test, coming up with a product idea and researching target markets, pricing, and expected usage. From there, using industry-standard software and hardware ranging from 3D printers to a computer-controlled vertical mill, you can integrate your knowledge of product design, prototyping, and presentation to make your vision a reality.

I’m ready to construct my career.

From assignments working with local companies to internship opportunities to industry field trips and guest speakers, our Industrial Design degree programs are built to get you ready for a career you’ll love. In our portfolio courses, you can develop and refine a professional portfolio that highlights your unique strengths to employers. You’ll take classes filled with talented, driven students, and you can meet even more of your creative peers through school organizations and industry events, forming connections that can benefit you down the road.

After earning your Industrial Design degree, your options will be vast. From medical equipment to bicycles to consumer electronics like cell phones and tvs, everything is designed by someone, and our Career Services team can help you find opportunities to match your interests. Choose a school to learn more today about our programs and simple processes for applying and enrolling.