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I want my ideas to be heard.

Design isn't just logos, packaging, and web banners. It’s connecting with consumers, building brands, and delivering unexpected solutions. And if you’re truly serious about your craft, it can be a launching pad for your ideas, your career, and even your own business. If you want to have a real say in the creative process, the place to start is our Design & Media Management degree program. In this program you’ll study business, management, and technology as you have the opportunity to learn to work as a team member and develop both your creative and business skills. We’ll show you how to manage a staff of designers from a business perspective. You’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven students. And you’ll be pushed, challenged, and, above all else, supported by experienced faculty*. It’s anything but easy. But nothing worthwhile ever is.

I want to make a name for myself. And earn a living.

The field of design management isn’t for everyone. It’s for left-and-right brain thinkers who thrive under pressure and step up when things get tough. The design manager is a thinker, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a bridge builder who puts a project together and steers it to completion. In our Design & Media Management degree program, you’ll study such areas as the business of branding and the strategy of design. Choose a campus below to learn more about our program offerings.

*Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

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