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Turn your creativity into marketable design skills.

I want my designs to spark ideas and actions.

You know the power of a well-planned and well-executed design, and that power is something you want to wield. Whether you’re more passionate about graphic design or web design or you’re still deciding between the two, you’ll need a solid foundation in both areas to get ahead. In a world of increasingly interactive communication, this blend is what employers expect.

In our Graphic & Web Design school, you can learn the fundamentals of both disciplines before choosing a concentration that allows you to focus in on your interests and prepare for a career you’ll love.

I’m ready to be challenged and inspired to create my best work.

Our faculty know what it takes to succeed in the field. Throughout your Graphic & Web Design classes, they’ll offer one-on-one mentorship and feedback, pushing you to be bold, to experiment, and to explore new ideas and ways of thinking. You’ll start the program by studying the basics of color, composition, illustration, and image manipulation before moving on to solving specific design challenges using industry techniques, software, and technology. Along the way, your instructors will guide you in improving your concept development and creative thinking skills, while teaching you how to create effective, functional designs that benefit both the client and the end user or audience.

At The Art Institutes system of schools, you’ll also be immersed in a strong creative community, where you can draw inspiration from the many talented individuals around you and form important connections by participating in student organizations and industry events.

I’m here to start preparing for the real world.

From the start of your Graphic & Web Design program, your projects will be designed to build skills that industry employers value. Later, in our Portfolio courses, we’ll guide you in refining and presenting those projects in a professional portfolio that highlights your unique strengths. You can even work with real clients during internships and classes where you produce designs to support local organizations. Through these experiences, you can learn valuable lessons about client communication, deadline and project management, teamwork, and more—giving you the confidence and knowledge to truly excel in your future.

As a graduate, you’ll have the skills and experience to pursue a variety of entry-level roles in graphic and web design, and our Career Services advisors can help connect you with opportunities that match your talent and ambition. Choose a campus below to learn more about our Graphic & Web Design degree programs and our simple processes for applying and enrolling.

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