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Sophocles Dimitrios Grafas

Sophocles Dimitrios Grafas

  • 2007
  • The Art Institute of Washington, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Number One Company
People can connect in so many ways. Knowledge and information is traveling at lighting speed.

Applying his education.
As a creative director assisting in international business development and foreign relations, Sophocles seeks to gain international exposure for his company’s creative work. He enjoys the ability to wear multiple hats, work on international projects, and travel. And he credits his education at The Art Institute of Washington with preparing him for his professional career. “It felt as though I was getting on the job training in each class,” he says.

Finding inspiration in his craft.
Sophocles knew he was interested in a creative career long before he began his studies. He actually began freelancing in high school, working with individual clients and small businesses. Sophocles believes everyone should carry a sketchbook with them to capture inspiration and jot down ideas. He asserts, “that simple sketch or doodle can develop later into a big idea, a movie, an invention, and it all started with a simple inspiration you jotted down in a sketchbook you had on hand.”

Looking ahead to tomorrow.
Because his job covers a broad field, Sophocles has a unique glimpse into how creative trends develop. He sees an increase in the speed that projects move from concept to completion, leaving little “middle time” for fabrication and believes that this acceleration of design concepting has evolved out of necessity. “People can connect in so many ways. Knowledge and information is traveling at lighting speed.” He believes this is a trend that will continue into the future—a future that he is helping to create.