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Stig Asmussen

Stig Asmussen


  • 1998
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America

1998 Graduate, Associate of Specialized Technology in Computer Animation Media, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

It’s a long way from a bartending job to addressing a legion of “God of War” fans on an international level. But for Stig Asmussen, it’s the culmination of a creative vision that began when he saw a magazine ad for The Art Institutes. Within months, he was pursuing his associate of specialized technology degree in Computer Animation Media from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Stig admits that creativity has always driven him. As a child, he used to try and build his own world. “Anything I saw on TV, I’d try to figure out how to build those with Legos. That was creativity at work.”

Stig’s first job following graduation was with Midway, where he worked alongside the developers responsible for creating Centipede, Missile Command, and Paperboy. He next moved to Santa Monica, CA to become the Lead Environment Artist for Sony—working on “God of War,” “God of War 2,” and “God of War 3.” His influence on the games has increased with his experience—he served as Art Director on “God of War 2” and Creative Director on “God of War 3.”

Stig asserts that his education at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh gave him the skills needed to make a mark in the gaming industry. He adds that when two of his instructors introduced themselves, his reaction was, “I get to learn from these guys?” The two men had worked on the movies Creepshow 1 and 2, and Evil Dead 2—and Stig was a horror movie fan. It solidified his belief that he’d found the right career path. Today he’s working long but satisfying hours, fulfilling his passion for creativity and gaming while using “today to shape what tomorrow is.”