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Tiffany Derry

Tiffany Derry

Culinary Arts

  • 2003
  • The Art Institute of Houston
  • Self
There is no job in the restaurant that you do not do, you are not above anything when you want to make a restaurant successful.

2003 Graduate, Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Houston

Tiffany Derry jokes that her stints on Bravo’s Top Chef were “game changers.” As a contestant on Season 7 and the All-Star Chefs Season 8, she became a fan favorite. While she didn’t win, she found a side of herself that sparked new creativity and confidence in both the business and cooking side of the culinary industry.

Tiffany began her culinary work at age 15, working in a local iHop. Within two years, she’d become the youngest manager at the restaurant. But her culinary prowess was only beginning. Tiffany competed in culinary competitions to earn money to attend culinary school. She achieved her goal, and enrolled in The Art Institute of Houston to study culinary arts.

In September 2011 Tiffany opened her own restaurant, Private|Social. Two years later, she turned the restaurant over to her partner, Patrick Halbert so that she could pursue her “new mission to become one of America’s best restaurant consultants and television personalities."

She is also working to give back to the community. Tiffany is consulting with the Dallas Independent School District to overhaul school lunches and provide students with more healthy food options.

Tiffany, who in 2003 earned an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Houston, says that her education gave her the skills she needed to become successful in the culinary industry. Tiffany adds that a study abroad trip to Paris truly solidified her passion for culinary arts. While there, she visited a market with her fellow culinary students. She noted that while she’d always viewed food as something to be eaten, the Parisians treated it as something to take care of. This further ignited her creative spirit—a spirit that’s driven her to great accomplishments in her culinary career.