Atlanta Animator Creates a New Brand of Super Heroes

By: Vivian Lett Filed under: Animation & Effects

January 12, 2018

When you think of super heroes who comes to mind? For many, the list includes the Justice League, Avengers, even X-men. But there is a new brand of super heroes in the making. Their name? Team Supreme.

Joshua Leonard, BFA student in Media Arts & Animation, wanted to take the term “superheroes” to new heights and created a team of heroes consisting of children with disabilities. “What inspired me to create Team Supreme was the fact that I know a lot of people who have a child with a special need,” stated Leonard in an online article published by A Plus in May 2017. “I don't call them disabilities anymore, but special needs instead, because they are capable of doing amazingly unreal things that I can't do."

Joshua Leonard Creates A New Brand of Super Heroes 

Image: Leonard Studios

Leonard’s work with Team Supreme has not only created buzz, but an enormous amount of support from friends, community, and high-profile celebrities. He has been featured in a variety of online articles and magazines. "My plans for Team Supreme are huge," he told A Plus. "My goal is to have a successful cartoon, action figures, video games, and in the future, a feature film."

To view Joshua’s work with Team Supreme and other projects in the pipeline, visit his website.

About Leonard Studios:

Leonard Studios, LLC is created and owned by Joshua Leonard. As an animation student, Joshua has goals of having one of the most respected animation studios around. With over 25 years of illustration experience, Leonard Studios produces industry standard images, logos, and everything art.  Leonard Studios is currently working on the upcoming 3D animated film "Mila" as an illustrator and graphic designer, "The Wrong Rock" as a storyboard and concept artist. Leonard Studios has credits in film, and NFL clients, Rashad Butler (Blackskullz), DJ Williams (Dymelyfe), Duke Johnson (Browns), and Leon Searcy Sr.

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By: Vivian Lett Filed under: Animation & Effects

January 12, 2018

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