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Baking & Pastry
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Courses

CL102 Introduction to Baking and Pastry Techniques
CL103 Sustainable Purchasing & Controlling Costs
CL106 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
CL117 Latin Cuisine
CL118 Foundations of Classical Techniques
CL204 Asian Cuisine
CL128 American Regional Cuisine
CL210 Management, Supervision & Career Development
CL244 European Cakes & Tortes
CL246 Advanced Patisserie & Display Cakes
CL247 Chocolate, Confections & Centerpieces
CL249 Artisan Breads

General Education

SC104 Nutrition

Program Electives

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Note: The Art Institute of Atlanta reserves the right to alter the sequencing of classes. Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult their Academic Advisors and/or Department Chair when creating their course schedules to ensure they are following the recommended sequence. Students must meet all co/prerequisites for courses.