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Film & Production Majors

Pick your medium. Maximize your impact.

Put your ideas, your passion, even yourself out there to entertain, inform, or compel audiences. Whatever your form of expression, we’ll help you create a future. Explore our Digital Film, Photography & Audio Production Majors.

Program Areas

Audio Production student at the Art Institute of Atlanta

Audio Production

You can learn to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio as you produce live and studio music, and designing sound for film, radio, TV, web, and live performances.

Digital Filmmaking and Video Production students at the Art Institute of Atlanta

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

You’ll have the opportunity to learn hands-on with digital video cameras, editing, and graphics software as you tell stories in media ranging from broadcast news to motion pictures.

Digital Photography student at the Art Institute of Atlanta

Digital Photography

Harness the power of images as you tell stories one frame at a time, filling the world with your ideas, and insights. And making your passion your career.

Latest Happenings

Film & Production
Grammy Award-Winning Producer Highlighted for His Contributions of Establishing a Gateway for North Carolina’s Hip Hop Scene

Atlanta alumnus Andreo "Fanatic" Heard has done amazing things to enhance the Hip Hop genre. Read his story and the exceptional contributions made in music.

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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Film & Production
Atlanta Film Students Shine at the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival

Atlanta Film Students Shine at the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival

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camera overlay Film & Production
Focus on the Photography Industry

The Afghan girl with the clear blue-green eyes. Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima. The firefighter carrying an injured baby after the bombing in Oklahoma City. Three examples of famous photographs — images for the ages that helped define important events, people, and places in history. In the extremely competitive photography industry, photographers continuously vie for that perfect shot, the one that will be remembered forever.

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