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Audio Production
Bachelor of Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Courses

AUDB101 Fundamentals of Audio
AUDB102 Music Theory for Audio Professionals I
AUDB103 Audio Technology I
AUDB111 Survey of the Audio Industry
AUDB113 Digital Audio I: Introduction to the Interface
AUDB123 Video Production for Audio
AUDB202 Music Theory for Audio Professionals II
AUDB213 Audio Technology II
AUDB243 Digital Audio II: Digital Audio Systems
AUDB133 Audio Recording I
AUDB203 Production Sound
AUDB205 Listening & Analysis
AUDB209 Portfolio I
AUDB223 MIDI Systems
AUDB233 Post-Production Sound
AUDB253 Audio Recording II
AUDB313 Digital Audio III: Mixing
AUDB333 Sound for Interactive Media
AUDB143 Electronics I
AUDB263 Live Sound Reinforcement I
AUDB273 Electronics II
AUDB302 Synthesis & Sound Design
AUDB312 Special Topics
AUDB323 Advanced Recording Techniques I
AUDB353 Live Sound Reinforcement II
AUDB408 Business & Culture of Audio
AUDB283 Audio Distribution Technologies
AUDB403 Senior Project
AUDB406 Internship
AUDB409 Portfolio II
AUDB418 Media Business Practices

General Education

EN101 English I
EN102 English II
MT113 Ideas of Mathematics
COM105 Public Speaking
HU120 World Music Development
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
EN305 Professional Communications
HU305 Critical Thinking
SC116 Acoustics

Program Electives

Program Elective I
Program Elective II
General Education Elective I
General Education Elective II
General Education Elective III
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