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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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Program Courses

AUDB101 Fundamentals of Audio
DFVB101 Survey of Digital Filmmaking & Video
DFVB102 Intro to Filmmaking Applications & Design
DFVB103vFundamentals of Video Production
DFVB105 Conceptual Storytelling
DFVB111 Principles of Cinematography
DFVB113 Fundamentals of Editing
DFVB133 Lighting for Digital Film
FND150 Digital Color Theory
DFVB107 Fundamentals of Producing & Directing
DFVB202 Digital Cinematography
DFVB203 Editing
DFVB204 Acting & Directing
DFVB205 History of Film & Media
DFVB212 Broadcast Graphics I
DFVB214 Scriptwriting
DFVB233 Electronic Field Production
FND135 Image Manipulation
DFVB213 Studio Production
DFVB222 Broadcast Graphics II
DFVB223 Intermediate Audio
DFVB307 Media Theory & Criticism
DFVB308 Media Delivery Systems & Distribution
DFVB313 Sound Design
DFVB323 Short Media Production
DFVB332 Senior Project Preparation
DFVB353 Compositing for Digital Film
DFVB306 Internship
DFVB309 Portfolio I
DFVB333 Senior Project Production
DFVB409 Portfolio II

General Education

EN101 English I
EN102 English II
MT113 Ideas of Mathematics
COM105 Public Speaking
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
SC115 Science of Light
HU212 Introduction to Film Studies

Program Electives

Program Elective I
Program Elective II
Program Elective III
General Education Elective I
General Education Elective II
General Education Elective III
General Education Elective IV
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