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Digital Photography
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Courses

FND110 Observational Drawing
FND150 Digital Color Theory
PHOB101 Principles of Photography
PHOB102 Introduction to Photography Applications
PHOB103 Digital Image Management
PHOB112 Photographic Design
PHOB113 Lighting
PHOB123 Color Management & Printing
PHOB105 Photojournalism
PHOB202 Studio Photography
PHOB203 Photographic Post-Production
PHOB208 Business of Photography
PHOB213 Time-Based Media I
PHOB232 Portraiture
PHOB233 Advanced Photographic Post-Production
PHOB302 Location Photography
PHOB122 View Camera Theory
PHOB205 Advertising/Art Direction
PHOB222 Web Design for Non-Majors
PHOB223 Advanced Lighting
PHOB242 Editorial Photography
PHOB303 Time-Based Media II
PHOB307 Photographic Essay
PHOB317 Photography Criticism
PHOB209 Portfolio I
PHOB406 Internship
PHOB408 Photography Marketing & Portfolio Package
PHOB419 Portfolio II

General Education

EN101 English I
EN102 English II
PHOB115 History of Photography
MT113 Ideas of Mathematics
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
SC115 Science of Light
HA305 History of Contemporary Art: 1945 to Present
COM105 Public Speaking

Program Electives

Program Elective I
Program Elective II
Program Elective III
Program Elective IV
General Education Elective I
Art History Elective I
Art History Elective II
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