Alumni Stories

LaVance Yarbough

Culinary Arts

Cook, Nine Mile Station
The Art Institute of Atlanta

LaVance Yarbough

I love to cook. I always come to work as a teacher and a student. LaVance Yarbough , Cook, Nine Mile Station Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts, 2016 , The Art Institute of Atlanta

Motivated to Move Up Through Hard Work and Dedication to Culinary Arts

LaVance Yarbough is a cook at Nine Mile Station, responsible for setting station service and food preparation. He says that his job requires him to work quickly and efficiently. “[The restaurant] is busy so I arrive early to start my prep—then get my station ready for service.” He adds that he must remain focused as he handles multiple orders that are called out to him. “The kitchen [is tough]. I let my hard work speak for itself.”

To achieve his culinary goals, LaVance operates with a “first cook in and last cook out” mindset. He believes that this level of determination will set him apart as he grows within the profession. “I always want to learn something new. Chefs usually pick their sous chef from their loyal, trustworthy line cooks.” He adds that he’s motivated to be one of the cooks that Chefs choose to trust and mentor.

LaVance, who in 2016 earned an Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Atlanta, says that his education provided the building blocks needed to start his career. He mentions that he felt the benefits of his education soon after graduation—he’d worked two jobs while attending school full time. With his diploma in hand, LaVance was able to step back and acknowledge his accomplishment. “I love to cook. I always come to work as a teacher and a student.”

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