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Shelly Zoller

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Digital Web Content Developer
The Art Institute of Atlanta

Alumni Shelly Zoller

My education at The Art Institute of Atlanta provided me with the tools and confidence to become a valued employee. Shelley Zoller , Digital Web Content Developer 1996 , The Art Institute of Atlanta

1996, Diploma, Advertising Design

Digital Web Content Developer

Shelly Zoller is a digital web content developer, managing site content to achieve a consistent level of standardization. She also writes, edits, and formats methods and procedures, promotions, and news articles—as well as designs and develops new content and landing pages. Shelly says that a typical workday involves collaborating with teams to determine daily deliverables. The teams then provide updated and optimized content to build out clients’ web presences, based on digital marketing initiatives.

Shelly has built a career as a consultant and enjoys working in many different environments where she consistently learns new skills, new technologies, and builds relationships. She admits that working in corporate America can be a challenge. “Even though you are at work in a professional atmosphere, it is still a part of the human experience and people bring their experiences to work. I learned that ego will sabotage the building of relationships, but owning your value, even in trying circumstances, will prevail. Synergy sails ships.”

She has a high level of commitment as a consultant, realizing that her knowledge brings value to clients. Shelly adds that continually learning has helped her to be successful. Also helpful is her ability to communicate well with a team—creating a collaborative environment where each employee is valued for his or her skills and contributions. “Meeting successful, talented people and being an integral contributor to the success of a company’s brand is definitely a benefit, and being established in a career that I enjoy provides me with a [high] quality of life.”

Shelly, who in 1996 earned a Diploma in Advertising Design from The Art Institute of Atlanta, says that her career provided the tools and confidence she needed to become a valued employee. She advises current students to keep on top of industry trends, noting that confidence is a must. “Identify at least one characteristic or skill that makes you stand out from the pack, have a polished resume and portfolio, find networking opportunities, and build relationships.”

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