Alumni Stories

William Floyd

Graphic & Web Design

Owner, Royal Flush Studios / Pop Culture Clothing
The Art Institute of Atlanta

William "King of Pop" Floyd

My education helped me to understand the power of networking. William Floyd , Owner, Royal Flush Studios / Pop Culture Clothing Associate of Arts in Graphic & Web Design, 2017 , The Art Institute of Atlanta

Enjoys Meeting Creative People, Networking to Build Business

William Floyd is the owner and creative director of Royal Flush Studios and Pop Culture Clothing. He says that the best part of his job is meetings new creative individuals. “These people remind me how hungry I was when I was in their position. It keeps me grounded and focused on constantly evolving as a business person and creative thinker.”

He advises current students to dig in and believe in their abilities. “In this creative/entertainment industry, you have to love it.  Sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship but when you really love it, your passion and desire to make it work never leaves. You just find ways to improve your approach.”

William, who in 2017 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Atlanta, says that his education emphasized the power of networking. “Networking and my ability to communicate needs and solutions have always been my strongest trait. Soon after graduation, I landed my first corporate position with Mitsubishi, which eventually turned into a client contract.”

He adds that one of his biggest challenges is finding repeat business. “The key for me has always been sticking with the formula that got me similar opportunities. It’s different for every company, but the one thing that will never change is your roots.”

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