Luanne Stovall To Teach Workshop On Color

By: Ross Herosian Filed under: Visual Design

April 21, 2017

Luanne StovallWe are thrilled to announce that Ai Austin's own Luanne Stovall will be hosting a workshop at The Contemporary Austin titled Unified Color Theory: A New Field Guide to Color on April 27, 2017. A practicing artist herself, Luanne has taught classes in color theory at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the College of Fine Arts and School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, and, of course, the Art Institute of Austin.

In this interactive workshop, Luanne will use lively visuals and discussion to explore what color is, what it isn’t, and how it continues to shape how we think about the world. This provocative lecture is the perfect jolt for practicing artists, amateurs, and any thinker who would like to challenge her world view in a new and unexpected way.

In advance of her workshop, we asked her a couple questions about color:

What impact does color have on our day-to-day life?
Color is all around us. We navigate through our lives in a network of color codes that communicate messages about beauty, danger and everything in between and oftentimes we’re unaware of that it’s even happening.

How does understanding color help students in their respective academic programs?
Offering students a well-rounded knowledge of how color operates in our lives is the basis of my teaching method. Color is an emotional trigger and plays a key role in all of our communications - from film, animation, and interior design to graphic design, photography, web and fashion.

What's one takeaway from your workshop that you wish everyone to know?
The color field is constantly evolving, providing information about the world we live in. Color = Art + Science + Psychology + Technology + Culture. The more we learn about color, the greater our appreciation for a rich, multi-sensory experience of life.

For more information about Luanne’s workshop, please visit The Contemporary Austin Art School website.

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By: Ross Herosian Filed under: Visual Design

April 21, 2017