Uncontainable: Tour the containers

By: Rachel Handel

November 13, 2015

Recently, we wrapped up Uncontainable: The Ultimate Art Challenge where teams #AiEast and #AiWest came together for the final showdown in Austin, Texas. Both teams worked into the night transforming an ordinary shipping container into a work of art. Although the decision was close, #AiWest came out as the victor.

Inspired by western American art culture, #AiWest created a functional artistic space where inspiration would be contagious. Their container included a fully functioning drawing board where other could make art of their own. They also built a set of tables and chairs made out of corkboard where artists could drink coffee and collaborate. They even created inspiration with audio, “art is not just seeing, but it is hearing. It’s not only visual.” They were applauded for taking the challenge full force and creating a source of inspiration that was uncontainable.

#AiEast left no stone unturned while creating their container that took a different approach than #AiWest. Instead of focusing on art itself, they used art as a vehicle to bring our attention to important societal issues. Through a variety of media, they brought civil rights awareness to the audience, including issues on racism, sexism, homophobia, military, and more. #AiEast was commended for their ability to not only inspire creativity, but to inspire real change.

Although the #AiWest won, both teams did an amazing job. See for yourself while you watch the walk throughs above. If that’s not enough, relive other moments at!


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