Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill

What was the inspiration for your artwork?

The Starbucks artwork was created in the Graphic Symbolism class. The premise of the assignment was to recreate a brand’s logo that you didn't like while using some sort of symbolism to be incorporated within the design. My purpose for the assignment was to give a literal meaning of the word "starbuck" and combine it's meaning with various other ideas.

The Pluckers rebrand was the quarter long project for the Brand Identity course. The assignment was to redesign a business logo that you liked. Over the course, you would compile different elements that would act as a guideline to the new redesigned logo and how it should be used. My main objective was to give the Pluckers brand a middle ground of being slightly classy while maintaining a fun environment.

Both redesigns incorporate simple symbolism within each logo to make it easily identifiable from competitive businesses.

Please explain what we are seeing in your pieces and (MEDIA USED, TECHNOLOGY, OR SOFTWARE USED) how you went about creating them.

The Starbucks redesigned logo with accompanying type. 
The Starbucks redesigned logo with a modern touch.
The Starbucks redesigned brand pattern.

The Pluckers redesigned logo with logo mark.
The Pluckers redesigned logo utilized as a pattern.
A page from the brand manual that we had to create over the course. This page focused on what images were to be used to promote the food.

Both redesigns were created with simple sketch methods using research and traditional media (pen and paper). Both were then scanned and touched up in the Adobe Illustrator program.

How can people find out more about you and your artwork?