Cori Beatty

Blackmail Beer by Cori Beatty

What was the inspiration for your artwork?

This was for the class Art Direction. It was a team of 4 people. 2 visual effects students to create the products commercial, an advertisement student for our marketing, and an art director. I was in charge of the art direction. The project was to create a product and mock-up a product while also researching all the required information. Target audience, parent company, mission statement of the company, etc.

Please explain what we are seeing in your pieces and (MEDIA USED, TECHNOLOGY, OR SOFTWARE USED) how you went about creating them.

The name and design of this beer was based on an old tale about how you would receive a letter with a black dot on it marking your death. We took that concept and created Blackmail. A high-end beer or ale, but we took that old concept and turned it into a positive drinking experience.