Jodi Zapata

Jodi Zapata - Character Model

What was the inspiration for your artwork?

This was for Hard Surface & Organic Modeling. This final involved finding or drawing a reference, modeling a character, UV unwrapping it, texturing, and lighting it. We were to submit a turntable render of the character.

Please explain what we are seeing in your pieces and how you went about creating them.

I used 3DsMax, which is a great modeling software from AutoDesk. I found a reference online that I found had enough views to which to follow as reference. I then went into Photoshop and added guide lines to make sure all views of the reference aligned. I modeled and UV unwrapped in 3DsMax and finished texturing in Photoshop.

How can people find out more about you and your artwork? (temporary as I make an artstation profile)