Michelle Landham

Michelle Landham

What was the inspiration for your artwork?

I had to create this piece for a class at The Art Institute of Austin. For this particular assignment, I had to choose a preexisting brand, redesign the logo and incorporate it on different objects. The brand I chose is 
Savage Arms. I chose Savage because I use the products myself and they were due for a new design mainly because it can be interpreted as politically incorrect. I redesigned the logo and incorporated it on objects consumers come in contact with.

Please explain what we are seeing in your pieces and (MEDIA USED, TECHNOLOGY, OR SOFT-WARE USED) how you went about creating them.

To create this piece, I used both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on my MacBook Pro. I got the idea behind the logo redesign by researching other companies and techniques they used. I mainly looked at companies whose logos I remembered because they’re unique.

How can people find out more about you and your artwork?

For the pieces I like the most, I make sure to pose them on two of my favorite social medias:

Foap: michelle.faye3