Art Institutes


Welcome to The New England Institute of Art

This Art Institute school is no longer accepting new students. Currently enrolled students can find out more about the programs in the Catalog.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The New England Institute of Art (NEIA). This is an exciting time to be involved in art and design, and we look forward to helping you reach your full, amazing potential.

Our college has been helping students like you for many decades, and we have gotten very good at it. We offer a wide selection of general education courses, but the true heart of all of our programs occurs in studios and labs, where students and faculty do work on hands-on projects together. Here you will find others who think like you, students and faculty alike. You will be working with them side-by-side.

We know that you are here because you have a creative drive that you are passionate about and you wish to pursue it fully. Our professional faculty will teach you both the theory and the practice of creative work. Most of them come from industry careers, and that experience enriches the instruction immeasurably.

One caveat: NEIA will challenge you. This is college, it is supposed to be challenging. The workload is significant. Faculty will critique your work, and you might not always agree with their assessments. However, learning to incorporate such comments into the final work is part of the process of becoming a professional, and after you graduate you will come to recognize how important those critiques were.

My office is in the administrative section of the college. I hope you will come to see me. I am always pleased to talk to students. Also, it turns out I am pretty good at solving problems. If my office door is open, and I’m not meeting with anyone else, you can come right in to talk to me, no appointment necessary. I think that is one of the things that makes our college special—there is nobody too important to take the time to help a student, and I include myself in that equation.

I can’t wait to see the work you will do here. Welcome!

Yours truly,

Tad Graham-Handley, President The New England Institute of Art