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Welcome to The Art Institute of Charleston

Charleston's President

Welcome to The Art Institute of Charleston, where our focus is helping students reach their creative career goals through a dynamic educational experience. I am continually inspired by our amazing faculty, who share their knowledge and experience to prepare students for the rigors of the workplace. We work to build an engaging and collaborative environment that challenges students and promotes artistic freedom throughout their program of study. Our program-specific and general education courses combine to form a rich educational experience that builds in areas such as communication skills, global perspectives, and cultural diversity. Our faculty, staff, and students share a deep belief in the power of creativity—and how that creativity can shape the future.

Located in the heart of downtown Charleston since 2007, the college embraces many community opportunities. The Art Institute of Charleston is able to add real-world experiences through partnerships with Charleston Fashion Week, Charleston Wine + Food, Charleston International Film Festival, Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, and many more.

Success in education and life comes from hard work, dedication, and a passion for creativity. You can ensure your success by taking an active, responsible role in your education. Our commitment to our students doesn’t end at graduation. As a member of The Art Institutes system of schools, our graduates continue to connect to The Art Institute of Charleston socially and professionally throughout their lives as they join more than 175,000 alumni from across the country.

With Respect,

Todd Harrison