Ilene Lewinsohn

Ilene Lewinsohn

Understand that not everyone is the same and that we should look beyond the surface and look at the viewpoints of others before forming an opinion and judging them. With understanding comes tolerance and acceptance. Ilene Lewinsohn , General Education Instructor , The Art Institute of Charleston, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta

Was there a defining moment when you knew you were destined to become a creative professional?

It was when my college anthropology professor told me she was proud to have had me in her class...and that with my ability and my drive to help others, I could become a great instructor myself.

How do you weave your professional background into the classroom experience?

I bring real-time, real-world experience and current events into the classroom to make all my classes relevant and help students understand the world in which they live.

What class assignment exemplifies your approach to teaching and mentoring?

I have my students attend a religious ceremony other than their own to gain an understanding of another group. At first, many students are hesitant to venture outside their comfort zone. But they usually end up feeling that it’s one of their favorite assignments...and that it helped them not only better understand another group of people, but themselves as well.

In what way do you inspire students to push themselves beyond their own perceived limits?

I’m constantly challenging students to understand the viewpoint of others, whether they agree with them or not.

How does collaboration contribute to students’ success—particularly when students from various programs work together?

Collaboration is how we learn our place in society, and how we understand those around us.

What’s the most important thing you impart to students to help them succeed in class and the real world?

Understand that not everyone is the same, so look beyond the surface; consider others’ viewpoints before judging them. With understanding comes tolerance and acceptance.

What’s the most critical advice you would offer any student embarking on a creative career?

Challenge preconceived ideas and notions that surround you.