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Damon Brown-Crawford

Damon Brown-Crawford

In school, I learned how to make my business a reality. My education gave me great business insight and wisdom. Damon Brown-Crawford , Owner, Fish-N-Chips Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management, 2016 , The Art Institute of Charleston, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta

Opened Restaurant that He Envisioned as a Culinary Student  

Damon Brown-Crawford is the owner of Fish-N-Chips, responsible for all restaurant operations.

He sets up for the day, checks inventory, preps equipment and menu items, and prepares and encourages his team. He admits that opening a restaurant is challenging, and recalls a time, just before the restaurant’s grand opening, when code inspectors told him he needed to install an expensive piece of equipment. “I learned that sometimes things don't always go as planned, but if you keep the faith and stay focused, it will work out.”

In 2016, Damon earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management from The Art Institute of Charleston—an education that he says taught him to operate his business. The concept for Fish-N-Chips came about during his time as a student. “I learned how to make my business a reality. My time in school gave me great business insight and wisdom.”

Opening a restaurant required a high level of commitment—and so did his education. While in school, Damon traveled 1.5 hours each way to class while working full time. Today, he’s focused on teamwork and helping the members of his staff to understand their roles in the restaurant.  “I encourage my team members to innovate in their roles to maintain a basic foundation of great customer service. Fish-N-Chips is located in a rural area and is doing what no other restaurant is accomplishing—providing great flavor and exceptional customer service.” He says that the customer market is unique and diverse—and he’s learned that the best way to connect is through positive interactions.

Damon is continuing to evolve as a culinary professional, enrolling in an MBA program that will allow him to grow and innovate. “I must continue to create new ideas to keep the customer base flowing. This causes me to continue to study marketing, new flavors, and new menu suggestions. I also read books by successful business owners to continue my professional development.”

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