Evolve Bistro

Introducing Evolve Bistro, the new student-run restaurant at The International Culinary School at The Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago. Evolve Bistro captures the essence of our students' culinary evolution and is the pinnacle of their culinary education. Evolve Bistro continually changes menu, through seasonality, ethnic cuisine, and student body.

Under the supervision of Chef Elizabeth Sweeney and an experienced and credentialed faculty* of chef instructors, students create bistro-style dishes in the kitchen and run all aspects of the dining room. From food ordering and preparation to guest seating and serving, Evolve Bistro is a complete instructional environment for students that offers a quality dining experience to its patrons.

Evolve Bistro is located at 350 W. Mart Center Drive Chicago, IL, 60654.

For reservations, please contact Evolve Bistro at 312-777-7800.

*Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.