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Hospitality Management
Associate of Applied Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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1. Professionalism: Graduates demonstrate an understanding of the hospitality industry; they exhibit professional and ethical behavior in the workplace.

2. Communication: Graduates communicate effectively with fellow employees, clients, and customers.

3. Management and Finance: Graduates apply management principles effectively in a variety of workplaces.

4. Context: Graduates explain the industry in relation to global cultural and economic diversity; articulate legal issues related to hospitality management.

Program Courses

Core Courses

HM113 Intro to Hospitality Operations
HM117 Diversity & Ethics in Hospitality
HM124 Hospitality Law
HM224 Catering and Event Planning
HM226 Hospitality Sales & Marketing
HM229 Training & Development in Hospitality
HM255 Bar and Beverage Management
HM260 Hospitality Internship

Supporting Courses

CULA210 Nutrition
CULB101 Concepts & Theories of Culinary Techniques
CULB102 Management by Menu
CULB103 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
CULB108 Sustainable Purchasing & Controlling Costs
CULB206 Food and Beverage Operations Management
CULB208 Management, Supervision & Career Development
CULB316 Leadership & Organizational Development
CULB338 Foodservice Financial Management

General Education Courses

GEN101 English I
GEN105 Effective Speaking
GEN150 Mathematical Concepts and Connections
Humanities & Fine Arts 200-Level Elective
Physical & Life Science 200-Level Elective
Social Science 200-Level Elective


Program Electives

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