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Nevena Milosavljevic

Fashion Marketing & Management

Category Specialist in Color Cosmetics for Walgreens Corporation
The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago

Nevena Milosavljevic

The instructors at The Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago were a true inspiration driven by their personal careers. [They were] established professionals that provided students with actual work experience while incorporating a cohesive curriculum. Nevena Milosavljevic , Category Specialist in Color Cosmetics for Walgreens Corporation Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing & Management, 2008 , The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago

Category Specialist in Color Cosmetics for Walgreens Corporation

Nevena Milosavljevic is a category specialist in color cosmetics for Walgreens Corporation. She works with vendors to preview their newest collections, meets with internal partners to drive business, develops new sales strategies for in store execution, and works with brands to optimize their assortment with packaging, displays, marketing and advertising. Prior to joining Walgreens, Nevena worked for Ford Models, Claire’s, and Sears.

“[I believe that] real relationships in the workplace are an essential part of developing an engaging environment. I take pride in treating everyone as an equal. Individually we are only as good as our skill set, while as a team, the unique combination of skills can conquer the unthinkable,” she says. Nevena adds that she considers her coworkers to be close friends.

Nevena attributes her drive and love of learning with helping her to quickly move up the corporate ladder. “Learning to transform the mind into a sponge is a constant benefit for continuous personal development.” She recommends that recent grads understand that all opportunities should be valued. “It is the hard work and devotion you apply to each task that will begin your individual path to self fulfillment. It’s [not true] that success is easy. It’s the internal fire that drives each individual’s motive for continued effort.”

She adds that in the workplace, it can be easy to get discouraged. But she suggests that staying positive, analyzing opportunities, and developing a personal growth plan can help new employees to gain confidence and find their place. “During my first few positions, I found myself experiencing a lack of confidence when [giving presentations]. I was concerned my knowledge level was not high enough. It took about two years to gain a level of confidence.” Today, she says that her confidence and communication abilities are her strongest business traits.

Nevena earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing & Management from The Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago in 2008. She also earned a Master of Business Administration in Business Administration from Argosy University, Online Programs, in 2011.

She says that her instructors were established professionals who brought real world experience into the classroom. “This generated a unique education experience for students by contributing to [their] motivational and aspirational growth.”

Today, she is inspired by the endless opportunities that she describes as “out of reach.” “Many years ago, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was simple and short—I want to be good at anything I do. Learning to master every role or responsibility is a way in which a professional can remove internal limits and allow for endless opportunities to reveal themselves.”

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