Alumni Stories

Salisia Webber

Fashion Design

Account Manager and Merchandiser for 4 Seasons Global
The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago

Salisia Webber

My education prepared me for my career because it taught me the importance of meeting deadlines. Salisia Webber , Account Manager and Merchandiser for 4 Seasons Global Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, 2002 , The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago

Salisia is an account manager and merchandiser for 4Seasons Global, a full service design, sourcing, manufacturing, and import company in Chicago, Illinois. She manages retail accounts and works with overseas suppliers—a typical day could start at 4 am with a Skype call to a partner in a foreign country. “What I enjoy most about my career is being able to learn about different industries while traveling and meeting new people. I’ve been able to travel to Spain, China, and large cities in the United States. And I get to work with everyone from engineers to extremely creative designers.”

Salisia finds creative inspiration in the world around her and counts her heroes as people who have a personal style and “make any piece they’re wearing their own.” She’s proud to have changed career paths within fashion, moving from design to fashion buying and merchandising. Salisia recommends that current students learn the industry’s trending technology. “There are so many great apps, fun blogs, and websites that are accessible to everyone. It’s like fashion on the go.”

Salisia, who in 2002 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago, says that her education taught the importance of meeting deadlines and never taking no for an answer. “I [learned] to push myself beyond limits. Having gained these skills as a student [helped me] to survive many obstacles in my career—and still come out on the winning side.”

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