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Welcome To The Art Institute of Dallas

Welcome to The Art Institute of Dallas, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design. Our faculty, staff, and students are a community devoted to two common goals: a career-focused education in the creative arts and excellence. If you’re imaginative and creative, and you want a career that will utilize your skills to build a real future, this is where you can learn with like-minded creative individuals to hone your talents.

Our faculty includes both educators and working professionals who share their expertise and experience, which helps students become knowledgeable, capable graduates who are prepared for the rigors of the workplace. Ours is a collaborative, hands-on environment that offers an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Our students benefit from relationships we’ve built with creative industries that provide insights into the latest trends. Those insights can support them on their education paths.

We’ve proudly served the Dallas—Ft. Worth area for over 50 years. We’re successful because our students and graduates are successful. We’re excited that you’ve chosen to further your education, and we are here to support you throughout your journey.

Dr. Leslie Baughman
Interim President