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Fashion Marketing & Management
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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• Demonstrate proficiency with common business computer programs including inventory management, presentation, spreadsheet, and Web software

• Accurately use industry terminology to analyze and meet client needs. This process will include trend forecasting, textile evaluation, buying plans, and usage for specific markets

• Demonstrate the ability to plan and analyze key marketing and management processes including event planning, product development, target market identification, market research strategies, branding, electronic marketing, and supply chain distribution

• Demonstrate the knowledge of Visual Merchandising as a communication tool to market the merchandise to the consumer

• Demonstrate professional presentation skills to include appropriate interpersonal communication skills; articulation of knowledge of fashion marketing and management; and mastery of industry standards, professional practices and ethics

• Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of the global marketplace in terms of trade restrictions and international business

Program Courses

Total Credit Hours: 180
Program-Specific Credits: 132

ADVA201 Fundamentals of Marketing
ADVA204 Consumer Behavior and Persuasive Sales Techniques
ADVA307 Brand Strategy
ADVA328 Public Relations
ADVA348 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
ADVA407 E-Commerce Strategies and Analytics
FADA103 Textile Fundamentals
FADA111 Survey of the Fashion Industry
FADA207 Early History of Fashion
FADA208 Trends and Forecasting
FADA217 Modern History of Fashion
FADA308 Fundamentals of Business
FADA312 Sourcing and Technical Design
FMMA101 Introduction to Retailing
FMMA103 Survey of Manufacturing and Product Development
FMMA104 Sales Promotion
FMMA201 Merchandising Math
FMMA202 3D Visual Merchandising I
FMMA203 Event and Fashion Show Production
FMMA208 Finance Principles
FMMA211 Retail Buying
FMMA212 3D Visual Merchandising II
FMMA218 Human Resource Management
FMMA221 Merchandise Management
FMMA301 Elements of Retail Logistics and Distribution
FMMA302 Global Marketing
FMMA303 Apparel Fit and Construction Evaluation
FMMA308 Fashion Business Law
FMMA312 Fundamentals of Fashion Styling
FMMA406 Internship 3
FMMA408 Entrepreneurship
FMMA409 Portfolio I
FMMA419 Portfolio and Professional Development
FND105 Design Fundamentals
FND135 Image Manipulation
FND150 Digital Color Theory
GWDA103 Digital Illustration

General Education Credits: 48

MAT100 College Mathematics
COM101 Oral Communication
PSY101 Psychology
HUM101 Introduction to Humanities
ENG104 Composition
GE2024 Art History I
GE3004 Art History II
GE2084 Writing II
GE3014 Perspectives in Global Economics
GE3024 Environmental Science

Program Electives

Program-Related Electives: Select Three

FADA101 Elements of Garment Construction
FADA 402 Digital Textile Design
FADA102 Fashion Illustration
GWDA204 Introduction to Writing for Interactive Media
Other courses may be selected, subject to Academic Director/Program Coordinator approval, upon request.

General Program Electives: Select Four

FND110 Observational Drawing
FND120 Perspective Drawing
GWDA101 Applications & Industry
GWDA111 Introduction to Layout Design
GWDA122 Typography - Hierarchy
PHOA101 Principles of Photography
Other courses may be selected, subject to Academic Director/Program Coordinator approval, upon request.

* Minimum of 88 internship hours for the quarter

General Education Electives
Humanities/Fine Arts Electives: (Select 1)

ENG307 Twentieth Century Poetry
ENG310 Topics in American Literature
ENG311 Topics in British Literature
ENG312 Women in Literature
GE3034 Transformations & Adaptations
GE3054 Myths & Mythology
GE3084 Creative Writing
GE3114 Film Appreciation
GE4014 Survey of World Religions
GE4024 Western Civilization
GE4044 Southern Fiction
GE4064 Spanish

Social/Behavioral Sciences Electives: (Select 1)

SOC101 Sociology
GE2054 Social Psychology
GE3014 Perspectives in Global Economics
GE3074 Principles of American Politics

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