Being Non-Profit = Doing Even More

We get to do even more of what we love.

As a non-profit, students are the center of our attention. While we’ve always made your future our focus, we have more robust resources to help you get there. So the things we’ve been doing for years, you know, helping students turn creativity into careers—we get to do even more of that now.

Even More Affordable

We provide over $60 Million a year in total student aid. We help military members and veterans pursue creative careers. We have kept the cost of tuition from increasing for the last 7 years.*
Now that we’re non-profit, we can do even more.

Even More Accessible

We committed, long ago, to help creative individuals pursue a future they didn’t think was possible. We have campuses all across the country. We offer online programs for all areas of study. We offer various levels of degrees, from certificates to masters, to fit every student’s needs. We have a student body that is as unique and diverse as their fields of study, with vast multi-cultural backgrounds and ages that range from students fresh out of high school to older students going back to school for the first time in years.
Now that we’re non-profit, we can do even more.

Even More Connected

We connect our students with an incredibly responsive alumni network that’s over 125,000-strong. We have a Career Services Department that goes above and beyond by hosting networking events, putting on student-work showcases, and doing so much more. We have former students setting industry trends and helping the next-generation get their start.
Now that we’re non-profit, we can do even more.

Even More Invested

We equip our classrooms with the same tools the pros use. We have a faculty full of industry-experienced instructors. We’ve given students the opportunity to enrich their education through trips to major events like SXSW Gaming, James Beard House, and New York Fashion Week. We’ve invested over $53 Million in the last 4 years in our campuses, our equipment, and Professional-Grade software.
Now that we’re non-profit, we can do even more.

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*An exception is The Art Institute of Michigan, whose tuition rate increased for new and re-entry students enrolling the class start of 1/9/2017 and after.