Art Institutes



The mission and primary responsibility of The Art Institute of Colorado shall be to provide higher education programs leading to professional opportunities in the fields of culinary arts, art and design, and technology, which prepare graduates for job entry and career advancement.
The mission is accomplished by:
·         Fostering student success
·         Employing faculty who possess industry experience and who exhibit excellence in teaching
·         Promoting growth through program offerings that meet employment needs
·         Ensuring program integrity and graduate outcomes
·         Fostering personal and professional growth for faculty, staff, and students
·         Implementing a comprehensive and ongoing program for assessing student learning as a key component of institutional effectiveness
·         Continual institutional improvement and effective management of change
·         Encouraging and valuing diversity within our students, faculty, and staff


We believe there is a need to begin with a shared understanding of our basic philosophy about how we will be a business. These values will serve to provide a common standard by which we can calibrate our decisions and actions.
We believe that operating from these five basic values will ensure a successful experience for our students, faculty, staff, and employers. The five basic values agreed upon by the executive committee, after input from key staff and faculty, are:
·         Integrity with our people, program, and outcomes
·         Respect and fairness in our educational process, employee relationships, and business dealings
·         Quality and excellence in our service, education, and placement
·         Creative and innovative in our programs, policies, and operations to accommodate the changing climate and needs of our students, employees, employers, and community
·         Service to our constituency of students, employees, and the community