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Eric Lind

Interior Design

Interior Designer for Gensler
The Art Institute of Colorado

The Art Institute of Colorado alumni Eric Lind

The collaborative nature of studio classes created a healthy competitive environment not unlike the workplace. Eric Lind , Interior Designer for Gensler Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, 2006 , The Art Institute of Colorado

Eric L. Lind is working as an interior designer for Gensler, an integrated architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm in Denver, CO. He is assigned corporate workplace projects to create functional spaces that protect employees’ health, safety, and welfare. “I am the leader of the ‘Revit-guru’ team within the workplace studio at Gensler Denver, which means that I regularly participate in conceptualizing designs and am heavily engaged in the virtual modeling of solutions and producing the construction documents,” he says.

Eric’s most noteworthy project to date is the San Jose International Airport terminal renovation that he completed while working at a previous firm. “It has received numerous awards and is quite a progressive design which integrates modern technology while focusing on an unrivaled passenger experience.” He adds that the best thing about interior design is the ability to impact lives by shaping experiences within a space. “Designers bring expertise to realizing a built environment that helps clients take their business to a new destination. We support habits and encourage the development of new ones through creative design solutions.”

Eric, who in 2006 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Colorado, says that his education focused on technology and critical practice areas that provided a strong foundation for his career. “Passionate and experienced instructors challenged students to seek innovative design solutions while teaching vital skills for execution. The collaborative nature of studio classes created a healthy competitive environment not unlike the workplace.” Eric encourages current students to network and make their own opportunities. “Wear your passion on your sleeve and do not accept the first solution as the right one. Never burn a bridge. The design community is very tight knit even in large markets.”

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