Alumni Stories

Morgan Gutshall

Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Designer for Pure Strategic
The Art Institute of Colorado

The Art Institute of Colorado alumni Morgan Gutshall

My education was, and still is, very valuable in getting a career started. Not only do I have the technical skills that I learned from all of my classes, but I have the critical thinking skills that I developed in my time at school. Morgan Gusthall , Graphic Designer for Pure Strategic Bachelor of Arts in Graphic & Web Design, 2013 , The Art Institute of Colorado

Morgan Gutshall is a graphic designer for Pure Strategic in Boulder, Colorado. She designs promotional assets and associated graphics and website comps for the company’s clients. Morgan enjoys being able to express herself within a creative environment. “I enjoy the freedom that I have to suggest better solutions in my graphic design work. I like that I can strategically plan out and make decisions in everything I do—and have [the knowledge] to back up my [opinions],” she says.

Morgan is proud to have been the first person in her office with multimedia experience. “[I enjoy] working with my hands just as much as I like working with pixels. Any chance I get, I will use my artistic skills to bring whatever I am creating to the next level.” She accomplishes this by styling and photographing 3D objects rather than clipping out and combining stock images. “I'm also really proud of the cookbooks I've created here—those are pretty neat!”

She lists her creative influences as Jessica Hische and Stefan Sagmeister. “I really appreciate their artistic style, and continue to look through their work when I feel like I am in a creative block.” She also looks to fellow designers and her family for inspiration. “My dad is my artistic hero. Without him, I would not have explored my artistic talents and I would not be where I am today.”

Morgan, who in 2013 earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Colorado, says her education provided valuable technical and critical thinking skills she uses daily in her career. She recommends that current students take time and absorb from those around them after graduation. “You learn [so] much being in the actual field [after graduation]. Don’t feel bad if you don't feel proficient at everything right off the bat. Every year since graduating, I look back at the year before and see how much I've accomplished and I am thankful for all of the new things I have learned—and am still learning.”

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