Interior Design

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Interior Design
Associate of Applied Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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1. Design Theory: Graduates apply theories and knowledge of design to develop creative solutions to interior design problems.

2. Codes & Standards: Graduates solve interior design problems in accordance with applicable codes and industry standards.

3. Communication: Graduates demonstrate effective oral, written and visual communication skills needed for success in the interior design field.

4. Material Use: Graduates produce effective designs using appropriate materials and products.

5. Professionalism: Graduates adhere to ethical and legal standards of the interior design profession as demonstrated in a portfolio of their work.

Program Courses

Core Courses
INTB101 Architectural Drafting
INTB102 Introduction to Interior Design
INTB105 Sketching & Ideation
INTB111 Space Planning
INTB112 Design Basics 3D
INTB201 Textiles, Materials & Specifications
INTB211 Codes & Regulations
INTB212 Residential Design I
INTB232 Lighting Design
INTB306 Professional Practice
INTB342 Commercial Design
ID202 Interior Design Associate Portfolio (2 credits)

Supporting Courses
FND105 Design Fundamentals
FND110 Observational Drawing
FND120 Perspective Drawing
FND150 Digital Color Theory

General Education Courses
GEN101 English I
GEN105 Effective Speaking
GEN150 Mathematical Concepts and Connections

Program Electives

Humanities & Fine Arts 200-Level Elective
Physical & Life Science 200-Level Elective
Social Science 200-Level Elective


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