Web Design & Interactive Media

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Web Design & Interactive Media
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online.

Student Learning Outcomes

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1. Communication: Graduates will possess visual, written, and oral communication skills that enable them to create web and media vehicles that effectively deliver messages to intended audiences; the ability to work effectively in teams; the ability to create a coherent storyboard; and the skill to communicate effectively with prospective employers, colleagues, and clients.

2. Information Technology: Graduates will have skills in file structure, digital information, logical flow charting, media formats, computer applications, programming language abilities, and knowledge of database design.

3. Design: Graduates will apply the principles, technical skills, and terminology of image manipulation and web design.

4. Problem-Solving: Graduates will possess the creative design skills to conceptualize, develop, and evaluate web pages; problem solving skills that result in interface designs appropriate for the target audience and satisfactory to the client; and will understand the process of project management.

5. Context: Graduates will understand web design in relation to education, commerce, entertainment, and will have developed knowledge of marketing, economics, law, and emerging technologies as they relate to media design.

6. Professionalism: Graduates will have developed current professional awareness, a high standard of ethics, an ability to work independently, and a desire for life-long learning and professional growth.

Program Courses

Core Courses
WDIM110 Designing for Multimedia Display
WDIM120 Writing for Interactive Media
WDIM130 Fundamentals of Interactive Design
WDIM160 Web Scripting
WDIM210 Project Management
WDIM225 Interactive Authoring I
WDIM230 Fundamentals of Authoring
WDIM260 Web Animation
WDIM265 Advanced Web Scripting
WDIM300 Database Management
WDIM305 E-Learning Design I
WDIM315 Interactive Authoring II
WDIM320 Interactive Motion Graphics
WDIM350 Web Marketing and E-Commerce Law
WDIM355 E-Learning Design II
WDIM370 Web Design & Interactive Media Production Team
WDIM415 E-Commerce Site Design
WDIM435 Portfolio I
WDIM480 Portfolio II

Supporting Courses
ART100 Design Fundamentals
ART102 Observational Drawing
ART110 Color Theory
DFV100 Survey of Film & Video
DFV101 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
DFV120 Fundamentals of Audio
DPH242 Image Manipulation
DPH252 Advanced Image Manipulation
IC402 Career Development
VFX110 Digital Typography
VFX250 Fundamentals of Motion Graphics

General Education Courses
GEN101 English I
GEN102 English II
GEN105 Effective Speaking
GEN150 Mathematical Concepts and Connections
GEN399 General Education Capstone
Fine Arts - GEN205-GEN212

Program Electives

Humanities & Fine Arts 200-Level Elective
Humanities & Fine Arts 300-Level Elective
Mathematics Elective
Physical & Life Science 200-Level Elective - Two Courses
Physical & Life Science 300-Level Elective
Social Science 200-Level Elective - Two Courses
Social Science 300-Level Elective


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