Sarah Green

Baking & Pastry

Technical Services Representative for Dawn Foods, Inc.
The Art Institute of Michigan

The Art Institute of Michigan alumni Sarah Green

The path ahead may not be clear to you, but every choice you make helps to carve that path. Sarah Green , Technical Services Representative for Dawn Foods, Inc.
Diploma in Baking & Pastry , 2013 , The Art Institute of Michigan
Sarah Green is a technical services representative for Dawn Foods, Inc. in Jackson, Michigan. She teaches and trains cake decorators at Walmart stores in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Sarah says a typical day involves going to stores and assessing the skill levels of decorators before she begins a training. A typical session covers anything from icing cakes or frosting cupcakes to borders, flowers, piping, and writing. While she makes her own schedule, she has to be on top of where she’s traveling and what she’ll be working on. “I want to make sure the decorators get the most out of the time [we have together],” she says.

She enjoys working with many different people and personalities—and takes on the challenge of understanding how to best work with them to complete the task at hand. Sarah recommends that current students keep pushing themselves. “Cake decorating is always challenging. I have to always check out new techniques and practice and try to find out how to do it because I know I am going to be asked about it.” She tells the story of a cake video posted to social media—and how quickly she had to get up-to-speed on the technique to create it. “Within days of the video being out, I had decorators asking me to teach it to them.”

Sarah, who in 2013 earned a Baking & Pastry Diploma from The Art Institute of Michigan, says that her education prepared her for a culinary arts career. Today, she enjoys seeing one of her students proudly show off a completed creation. “When they learn how to make the rose or when they are able to get nice square corners on the cake, that shows me that I am doing what needs to be done.”

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