Emmi Roth Contest & Tour

Gouda news! Six teams from Ai campuses across the country were selected as finalists for the Emmi Roth Contest & Tour. Each team, comprised of one student and one faculty chef, crafted signature dishes made from award-winning cheeses in an effort to shred the competition.

On June 20, the finalists recreated their dishes for a panel of deliberating dairy experts in Wisconsin, “America’s Dairyland.” The three winning teams received scholarships for continued culinary education at their Art Institutes schools, and all finalists were awarded a tour of dairy farms and cheese-making facilities throughout Wisconsin. Grate job to all!

1st Place: “Spoons”

Ai Austin

“We share common passions; number one is food, but two is teaching. The whole time that I’ve been teaching him, he’s been teaching me. It’s like a passing of the torch.” 

-- Chef Brad Harmon, Faculty, Culinary Arts

Finalist: “No Whey”

Ai Charleston 

“We’re using natural ingredients, and with the high class of Emmi Roth’s cheeses, there’s no whey our competition will beat us.” 

-- Chef Wilson Lui, Faculty, Culinary Arts

2nd Place: “The Cru”

Ai Orange County

“If I were a cheese, I’d be cheddar. Sharp sometimes, mild sometimes. Sometimes, just really full of it. Flavor, that is.” 

-- Chef Steve Gostin, Program Chair, Culinary Arts

Finalist: “The Moo-Tang Clan”

Ai Philadelphia 

“Our plate has a good balance of not only flavors but colors, textures, temperature. It’s a very complete dish.” 

-- Chef Eric Boerner, Faculty, Culinary Arts

Finalist: “Crucible of Crist”

Ai Sacramento 

“Cheese is in the same category as chocolate and bacon: you can put it on anything, and it’s amazing.” 

-- Marshawn Watson, Bachelor of Science, Culinary Management

3rd Place: “Grate Idea”

Ai San Antonio

“Cheese gives dishes that extra umph. There’s so many different types. It’s endless. As a chef, it excites you.” 

-- Casey Garcia, Bachelor of Science, Culinary Management

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