Faculty Facebook Live

Curiosity is fundamental to creativity. So in 2017, we gave students the chance to get their creative questions answered in a new and engaging way.

Over the course of several months, Ai Pittsburgh — Online Division instructors used Facebook Live to broadcast creative demonstrations while fielding questions and comments from viewers. While each of the sessions are now complete, you can still watch all four broadcasts below.

Previous Broadcasts

Margaret Helthaler

Title: Faculty

Department: Media Arts & Animation

Mindful Mobile Photography

Today, carrying a smartphone means carrying a camera. Margaret Helthaler gets it. She’s here to discuss how mobile photography can be a creative part of your daily routine. Watch as she explains basic techniques, photo editing apps, and sharing options.

Jill Mott

Title: Faculty

Department: Digital Photography

From Amateur to Professional—What’s in my Lighting Kit?

Lighting can be the difference between a good shot and a perfect shot. And nobody knows this better than Jill Mott. She’ll describe what’s provided in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division Lighting Equipment Kit and how each piece is used.

Mike Erwin

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Game Art & Design

How to Break Into the Game Industry

With several years of experience working for a gaming company, Mike knows what it takes to succeed in this exciting industry. Tune in for his take on how to break into the three hottest jobs in video game design.

Nina Stanley

Title: Faculty

Department: Game Art & Design

Improve Your Figure Drawing

Understanding anatomy is fundamental to figure drawing. Watch as Nina demonstrates how drawing from observation, studying gestures and learning basic biomechanics can bring added realism to your characters.

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