Culinary Management

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Culinary Management
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online. Required cooking courses cannot be completed online.

Student Learning Outcomes

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Program Courses


FSS1010 Concepts and Theories of Culinary Techniques
FSS1290C Garde Manger (6 credits)
FSS1743C Fundamentals of Classical Techniques (6 credits)
FSS1744C Latin Cuisine
FSS1745C American Regional Cuisine (6 credits)
FSS1747C Asian Cuisine
FSS2067C Introduction to Baking & Pastry Techniques (6 credits)
FSS2292C Classical European Cuisines
FSS2746C World Cuisines
HFT2009 Career Development and Supervision
HFT2454 Food and Beverage Operations Management
HFT2821 Sustainable Purchasing & Controlling Costs
HFT2842C A la Carte and Dining Room Operations (6 credits)
HFT2852 Management by Menu
HFT3191C Art Culinaire
HFT3915 Culinary Capstone
HFT4221 Human Resource Management
HFT4284 Quality Service Management & Training
HFT4285 Global Management & Operations in the Hospitality Industry
HFT4292 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
HFT4295 Leadership and Organizational Development
HFT4343 Facilities and Management Design
HFT4403 Introduction to Accounting Principles
HFT4474 Foodservice Financial Management
HFT4493 Foodservice Technology and Information
HFT4503 Hospitality Marketing
HFT4603 Legal Issues and Ethics for Culinarians
HFT4802 Catering and Event Management
HFT4865 Exploring Wines and the Culinary Arts
HFT4916 Culinary Capstone/Portfolio
HFT4943 Management Externship


ARH2000 Art Appreciation
BSC1001 Fundamentals of Biological Science
ISC1004 or Fundamentals of Physical Science
MET1001 or Weather and Climate
OCB1010 or Marine Biology
OCE2001 or Oceanography
PHY2020 or Foundations of Physics
CGS1160C Computer Science
CLP1006 Introduction to Personal Effectiveness
COM1442 Team Effectiveness
COM1041 or Interpersonal Communication
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENC1101 English Composition
ENC1145 Topics for Composition
HUN2204 Nutrition
LIT1020 The Short Story
ENC1102 or Introduction to Literature
IT3132 or Arthurian Literature
LIT3326 or Fairytales and Archetypes
MGF1211 General College Math
MAD1104 or Discrete Math
MAC1105 or College Algebra
PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology
SYG2000 or Introduction to Sociology
SPC1608 Principles of Public Speaking
SYO3370 Working in America
WOH2012 Ancient and Medieval Civilizations
WOH2022 or Modern and Post-Modern Civilizations

Three General Education Elective Courses

Credits Required 105

Credits Required 57


Program Electives


Six Program Elective Courses

Credits Required 18

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